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What are the differences between buying property in the UK and buying in Spain?

Property Law

Antonio Flores Vila

15th of March 2001

Q. Can you tell me what the legalities are regarding a purchase of a villa in Mainland Spain? I would like to know how I stand legally and what the differences are of buying a property in the U.K and Mainland Spain.


    A. Buying a property in mainland Spain is very different from buying in the UK. One of the main differences is that in Spain once offer and acceptance are met, there is no possible ┬┤gazumping┬┤. There are many more differences which are difficult to explain, inherent to the distinction between Common and Civil or continental law, but I cannot deepen in these differences, as I am not totally familiarised with UK conveyancing law. By using a Spanish qualified lawyer you avoid any misunderstandings.

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