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Is it possible to use an apartment as a bed and breakfast?

Property Law

Antonio Flores Vila

23rd of January 2001

Q. Can an apartment be used for bed and breakfast? What is required to be legal to do this? Assuming the owner does not yet have residencia, can she apply for a work permit or work self employed and then get residencia?


    A. An apartment may be used as a bead and breakfast so long as the community statutes where the apartment is located allow it. This will have to be consulted with the administrator or president of the Community. If there is an approval, then a municipal licence will have to be obtained from the Town Hall.

    With regards to the residencia, in this case the owner may apply for a self-employed work permit, simultaneously with the residence permit. This is so where the applicant is not a member of the EU. If the owner is a member of the European Union, the permits are not necessary.

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