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I am married to a Spanish citizen. How do I become Spanish citizen by virtue of the marriage?

Immigration Law

Antonio Flores Vila

5th of January 2001

Q. I am an israeli citizen studying in the UK, my girl-friend is spanish working in Spain. We are planning to marry and I want to go to live in Spain. Could you tell me please, what will be the procedure for me to obtain spanish citizenship. How long will it take?


    A. Being married to a Spanish citizen will entitle you to apply and obtain Spanish citizenship after residing one year in Spain. This means that at the time of application for Spanish citizenship, you have to prove you have resided legally in Spain for at least one year.

    Residency in Spain will be granted automatically as you are married to a Spanish national, although the procedure takes at least 3 months. The application for Spanish nationality is done via the Civil Registry of the location of your domicile (understood as your marriage domicile) to the Minister of Justice:

    The requirements are the following:

    • Birth certificate
    • Criminal record certificate issued by the Israeli authorities (it is advisable to have it clean)
    • Criminal record certificate issued by the Spanish authorities
    • Certificate of domiciliation in the Town Hall of the municipality where you will live.
    • Document justifying the time spent in Spain with legal residency.
    • If married to a Spanish citizen, marriage certificate issued by the corresponding Civil Registry.
    • Birth certificate of the Spanish spouse.
    Once your application has been approved, you will have to make a sworn declaration of loyalty to the Spanish Constitution.

    With regards to the time it takes, it depends on the time of the year, but you can expect to be summoned to make the declaration within 3 to 5 months after the presentation of the documentation.

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