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How can I know if any relative in Spain left property which can be inherited?

Inheritance Law

Antonio Flores Vila

16th of April 2000

Q. I am asking on behalf of my father, Pablo Raul Planas Ojeda, regarding a possible unclaimed inheritance from relatives in Barcelona, Spain. His father's name was Eliodoro Laureano Plana, born June 3, 1888. His father's name was Francisco Plana Ysern born in the area of La Coruna, Spain. We'd like to know how to investigate this matter further and the steps, laws, regulations surrounding this type of claim. Please send your reply via e-mail which I have enclosed above. I appreciate your expedient assistance in this matter.

Virginia Pignato
Tampa, Florida

    A. There is no specific procedure in Spain to obtain reliable information on what are the existing assets of a deceased person. You should try to narrow down your search a bit more, for example, whether you are looking for real estate, bank accounts or other goods.

    Also, find out the area in which your relatives lived, because Barcelona includes the city and the province, and it is the second biggest in population in Spain. Once you know the area, for a start you should identify the people who can help you: locals who would have had any contact, friends, acquaintances, or neighbours. Focus on those places where the elderly tend to congregate. A visit to the Town Hall of the municipality is a must, as they might have interesting information, such as the last domicile of your relative.

    If you obtain information, you could approach Land Registries and banks in order to do a proper search. If you do find assets in the name of your relative, you can then file a procedure to transfer ownership to the person entitled to it, your father or yourself.

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