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Is it possible for an American citizen to empower someone in Spain to sell a property?

Property Law

Francisco Garcia Ramirez

22nd of December 2002

Q. My father who is living in the US and is an American Citizen, would like to empower a relative in Valencia, Spain to sell a parcel of land on his behalf. What is the correct form/s that he may need? Thanks.

Jose Martinez

    A. The answer to your question is yes. This can be done in two ways:

    • The normal procedure is to issue a power of attorney in both languages (English/Spanish) before a Notary Public in your area. After doing this, the document must be Legalised (apostille or legalisation certificate attached to the document confirming the that the signature, seal or stamp on the document is genuine). The Notary Public will inform you about this fact.
    • Another choice is to visit your closest Spanish Consulate in The United States, where the consul can issue the power of attorney.

    Although it is possible to empower anyone to sell your property, the normal thing is to empower the lawyer that will act on your behalf. A lawyer will ensure your father's interests are fully protected in the sale of his property.

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