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As a British citizen working in Spain, where do I pay my taxes?

Tax Law

Antonio Flores Vila

1st of May 2002

Q. I am working for and being paid by a UK company but am working from home in Spain where I now have residency. Where should I be paying taxes and how can I avoid being taxed twice?


    A. Please note that according to article 15 of the UK/Spain Double Tax Treaty, a Spanish fiscal resident, who is an employee of a British company, and does not live in UK for more than 183 days during the tax year, must pay taxes in Spain.

    In order to avoid paying taxes twice, I suggest, if you are a Spanish fiscal resident, that you request tax form FD9 from the any Inland Revenue office in charge of collecting your taxes. Once you complete this bilingual form, have it stamped at the local Hacienda office and send it back to the inland Revenue.

    The Inland Revenue will then transfer all of the taxes collected since you became a Spanish fiscal resident

    This year, the period to submit your income tax declaration starts tomorrow 2/05/02 and the dealine is 1/07/02.

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