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The Spanish Lawyer Online

Legal representation, valuation of property and money transfer.

Property Law

Antonio Flores Vila

7th of August 2001

Q. My wife and I are both british and are interested in buying property in or around the town of Seva (Catalonia). We would like to know the best way to this. Our main question are:

  1. Do we need legal Representation?
  2. Should we have the Property Independantly valued?
  3. The best way of transfering the monies the Uk to Spain


    A. It is convenient to appoint legal representation in order to avoid problems which may arise before, during and after the course of the transaction and transfer of the property. For a reasonable amount a lawyer will ensure that the purchase is done safely, that taxes are paid and registration of the property is done free from any charges and encumbrances.

    Regarding the property being valued, it may be a good idea to have the property valued to make sure there are no major structural problems. If you are going to take out a mortgage, the bank will ensure this is done.

    The best way of transferring monies from the UK to Spain is by transfer bank to bank, or swift electronic transfer. When you open an account in Spain ensure that you get good conditions (in terms of commissions) on reception of funds.

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