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Welcome to! This site is devoted to Spanish law. Please feel free to post your questions on the forums. We have a growing community of Spanish lawyers who are available to answer your questions. If you prefer that your question is answered privately by a Spanish solicitor you can use the Ask a Spanish lawyer feature. Don't forget to check the blogs!

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Law Changes to Boost Short Term Rentals in Andalusia

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
January-26, 2021, (0 Comments)

On the 12th of March 2020, hours before Spain’s socialist government politicians imposed a nationwide lockdown, their Andalusian counterparts passed an untimely regional Law Decree under the exuberant and encouraging name “Law Decree for the Improvement and Simplification of Laws for the Promot... - Read More

Covid-19 Crisis: June 2020 Legal Updates

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
June-05, 2020, (0 Comments)

This week has seen various legal updates regarding COVID-19, all of which point to a return to normality. Here we show the most important ones: Litigation Lifting of the suspension of procedural terms and deadlines, with effect from 4 June 2020. Terms and deadlines for litigation writ... - Read More

Coronavirus Crisis: How Does it Affect Rental and Mortgages Loans in Spain?

Blog: Antonio Flores’ Blog
March-26, 2020, (0 Comments)

The COVID-19 or “Corona Virus” has brought about new situations of potential legal conflict that we could have not even imagined before. With shops closing temporarily, airlines and hotels coming to a complete standstill and the curfew affecting the mobility of people, the fulfilment of tho... - Read More

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